Magnetic Therapy Neck Wrap

When you are searching the Internet, there are many different styles, and kinds of neck wraps. Some of them contain  'permanent- type' magnets and are limited in their use and therapy possibilities.

Fortunately, when a more serious health problem arises; we recommend the popular magnetic therapy device BIO MEDICI, that is inserted into the 'wrap' (see picture above)and has proven its effectiveness for many different health ailments.


With this little therapy device, you can select your specific setting(s) tailored to your health ailment. Incredibly, the BIO MEDICI sends out bio magnetic impulses with many different setting(s). This is important, since each health problem needs its specific ”customized” magnetic impuls setting. 

The neck wrap with magnets doesn't have this ability; it is like going back a Century where only magnets were available! Today's choice of treatment is the so called pulsed bio-magnetic energy therapy. With the BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device you can treat more than 60 health ailments. The pulsating action of the therapy device is the key to its success. Pulsed magnetic therapy has a very stimulating effect, penetrating deep into the tissue, eliminating symptoms and promting the desired healing effect.

What makes the BIO MEDICI so convenient?

The BIO MEDICI-Magnetic-Therapy is very convenient to apply as a neck wrap, which is at the same time a body wrap- great for targeted treatments.

Within seconds it is easy to convert the BIO MEDICI neck wrap into a "wrap" for other body parts. All you have to do is to change the switch setting on the device and wrap on the part of the body with specific setting(s) for your new application (this can be done while the BIO MEDICI remains in his tube).

Example: Wrap the magnetic therapy device around your back if you have back pain or wrap it around your knee if you have arthritis in you knee. Wrap it around your elbow if you suffer from tennis elbow. But don't forget to change the switch combination according to your health problem.

I have been wanting to write to you for well-deserved praise. For years now I have been suffering from such a stiff neck and sore lower back. You would not believe, how many treatments I have tried. I tried medications, massages, herbal tinctures and pills.
Nothing had helped… until I by chance found the Bio Medici. Believe me I was sceptical. But I figured what can I loose, the price was very affordable.

I used the magnetic therapy device in its 'flexible spandex tube', around the neck. It is amazing how fast the pulsating magnetic field of the device relaxes the tension in my neck muscles, which is the dominant problem for my unbearable pain. I call it my “neck wrap” because it is so convenient.

It is also great for the whole body, as I can place the Bio Medici inside the tube and use it anywhere on my body, where pain is felt.

I even go to work with the Bio Medici neck wrap and everyone wants a device too. My pains are so improved that I can do things I have not done in years!

Thank you for this wonder device, I praise you Bio Medici.

Gabrielle M.

A Neck Wrap Story


A Very Special
Neck Wrap

Treating your neck problems…

Neck wrap for muscle spasms with the switch setting of 2+4+6 and switch 4

Neck wrap for arthritis-neck pain (without inflammation), switch 4 and switches 3+6

Neck wrap for inflammation acute and chronic, switch 2

Neck wrap for pain treatment caused by misalignment of the vertebras , switch 4 and switches 5+6

Neck wrap for pain treatment caused by spinal injuries (without inflammation), switch 4

Neck wrap for migraine pain , switch 4 and switches 3+6

Neck wrap for headaches , switches 3+5 and 3+6

Neck wrap for insomnia , switch 1 and 2

Neck wrap for stress relief , switch 4