The causes of a stiff neck are often the result of one particular neck muscle. The "levator scapula" which connects to the neck and shoulders is usually responsible for a stiff neck.

One of the most prominent issues of a "stiff neck" is the action of turning the head sideways when it hurts.

One of the causes of a stiff neck can be by holding the telephone with your head on your shoulder for a longer time.
Another cause of a stiff neck happens when holding the head in one position reading or typing, for an extended period.

In many cases an improper shaped pillow can cause a stiff neck. Pillows with latex flake fillings which are replacing feather pillows these days, and are helpful in preventing a stiff neck.

When driving a car with open windows, a draft caused by wind, can cause an irritation of the neck nerves leading to a stiff neck. Learn more about: How to eliminate neck pain.

The causes of a stiff neck

Watching a tennis match can also be the cause of a stiff neck. The head, which is frequently rotating back and forth, is very demanding on the neck muscles leading to a stiff neck.

Rare but possible: Meningitis can cause a stiff neck

When a stiff neck is associated with headache, fever, vomiting and the inability to tolerate light or loud noises, it is important to see a doctor immediately. There is a chance that you experiencing signs of meningitis.

What else can cause a stiff neck?

The cause of a stiff neck can also be associatred with a spinal cord tumor. Similar symptoms like in meningitis occur: headache, fever, numbness in the upper torso and chills are associated with a stiff neck. These symptoms are signs that you should obtain medical attention immediately.

Meningitis is classified as a medical emergency because the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord can be life threatening or have long term negative consequences. The inflammation may be caused by a bacterial infection, viruses or other microorganisms. See lyme disease testimonial.