To study the effects of each individual frequency in Hz / pulse form (Hz = pulses per second) with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser - according to the following scientific findings:

Switch 1 =      0.5 Hz -   0.7   Hz
Switch 2 =   1.93  Hz -   2.00 Hz 
Switch 3 =   2.86  Hz -   3.00 Hz
Switch 4 =   3.85  Hz -   4.00 Hz
Switch 5 =   5.13  Hz -   6.00 Hz
Switch 6 =   7.14  Hz -   7.00 Hz
Switch 7 = 10.64  Hz - 11.00 Hz

Frequency tolerance/variations: 5% up to 7%.
The fine variations are very effective in biological terms (Multi-resonance - multiple pulse form - pulsed magnetic field).

Using switch combinations, you can achieve a wide variety of therapeutic frequencies in Hz/ pulse form, example:

10 Hz = switch 3+6
  8 Hz = switch 3+5

Note: According to scientific findings, 7 Hz up to 9 Hz (with variations between) has the beneficial effect of the earth magnetic field - which changes and varies - according to specific location on earth.

The predominantly frequency rhythm in biological/therapeutic terms:

Alpha - ranges from 8 Hz up to 13 Hz
Beta - faster than 13 Hz
Theta - ranges from 4 Hz up to 7 Hz
Delta - below 4 Hz which is relatively rare in awake adults under normal physical condition/ psychological state.
Mu rhythm - at 9 Hz
Lambda rhythm - from 4 Hz up to 6 Hz

Beta:    Full Conciousness (13-25 Cycles per second)
This state is usually experienced in our walking lives. In this state our brains are highly alert, and this is when reasoning and logic are employed.

Alpha:   (8- 13 cycles per second)
In this state our minds are still alert but are more relaxed. We are generally more creative in this state of mind, more open to information and imagination. Some hypnotists see this state as the gateway from the conscious into the unconscious mind. The alpha state is an everyday experince for us, whether we are wapped up in a movie or going into or out of sleep. Hypnotists say that when we enter the alpha state we are moving into a trance.

  Deep Hypnosis & Meditation (4-8 cycles per second)
This state is associated with deep relaxation, tranquility, and dreams. Theta is sometimes known as the dream state.

Delta:  Full Sleep (0.5-3 cycles per second )
This is the deep state, where there is total unawareness from the mind, and it is not a state reached in hypnosis.

The Bio Medici magnetic pulser incorporates all benefits by sending out the proper frequencies/pulses at specific ranges (individual settings for indicated
symptoms ), proper waveforms and specific harmonics (very important) and proper current. Electromagnetic wave is pure pulse form.

In addition to the above information:
Effects of Electromagnetic Energy on Cellular Activity:

The most prominent brain frequency is recorded at 10 Hz up to 10.5 Hz, varying at all times, effected strongly under different influences. The average frequency (in healthy, awake adults) is around 10 Hz, usually about 8 Hz up to 10 Hz, in some recorded test results up to 14 Hz, which is considered slightly elevated, but much higher under abnormal circumstances like
fear , panic , extreme anxiety, etc…

With 4 Hz there is a stimulation of the so called gray zone of the mid brain to release encephalin, which results in the inhabitation of pain cells in the spinal column via seratonin and nor-adrenalin transmitters.

The blood glucose concentration is lowered with 5 Hz to 6 Hz.

12 Hz to 15 Hz increases blood flow and the supply of oxygen and nutrients via the vascular system. Especially beneficial in peripheral nutritive capillaries.

At 5 Hz enhanced DNA- Synthesis.

8 Hz stimulation of the ATP production, re-balancing and restoring potassium and sodium ions, which enables proper exchange of materials.

At 12 Hz to 19 Hz removal of waist materials via the lymph system .

Effects on the cellular activity were present at 1 Hz , which may have a special influence upon reducing abnormal cellular growth.

For improved cell regeneration and healing, D.N.A. content of cell increased at 4 Hz to 5 Hz.

For inflammations , pain and swelling 2 Hz are especially effective (up to 5 Hz) , also proved to be successful as preventative measure, in addition as a sleep inducing, calming medium (as well as 1 Hz).

Stimulation of phagocyte cell production and the autoimmune system has been established with 4 Hz only, which in addition counteracts infections, also as preventative measure.

Lymphatic drainage assistance occurs within 1 Hz and 3 Hz.

10 Hz particularly brought synchronization of the dominant brainwaves, which is most specific in reducing different states of pain.

Many other associated therapeutic benefits have been noted from several thousand medical and scientific papers on this therapy.
Predominantly the positive therapeutic effect on Endorphin, Encephalin, Seratonin and Nor-adrenaline release for inhibiting pain and the increased production of
neurotransmitter .