Rebalance of potassium and sodium ions enables
proper exchange of

materials (8 Hz)

Removal of waste
materials via the
lymph system
(2-4 Hz)

The principle of the therapy is that extremely low frequency - low power multiple-form pulses of alternating electromagnetic forces together with specific harmonics are introduced into the body subjecting nerve and cell tissues to changing electrical potentials inducting an analgesic effect and promoting the healing of damaged tissues.
Cell membranes become polarized and the ionic transfer effects a stabilizing of the cellular voltage and metabolism. The body chemistry is influenced by the application of available oxygen is improved. Many other associated effects have been noted from several thousand medical and scientific papers on this therapy, including:
Ionic transfer - Calcium, Potassium and Sodium balance is restored.

Protein synthesis increased and absorbed more rapidly,
Inflammation, swelling and pain are reduced (at between 0.5 to 5 Hz),

Cell regeneration and healing improved, DNA content of cell increased, (at 4 to 5 Hz),

Blood flow increased (at between 12 to 15 Hz), especially beneficial in peripheral nutritive    capillaries,

Stimulation of phagocyte cell production and auto-immune system, counteracts infection infection (1-4 Hz only). Lymphatic drainage assisted at 0.5 Hz and 3 Hz.

Endrophin , Enkephalin, Serotonin and Nor-adrealine release for inhibiting pain,

Increased production of neurotransmitter,

Synchronisation of dominant brain waves, (at 10 Hz particularly).

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Supply of oxygen and nutrients via the vascular system (12-15 Hz)

stimulation of ATP production 8 Hz

enhanced DNA
synthesis 5 Hz

Effects of electromagnetic energy on cellular activity

How Magnetic Therapy Works

Some of the principles behind its effectiveness can be summed up as follows:

1. The metabolism of the cells that make up the human tissue can be stimulated by induced electromagnetic currents. In the past, various methods such as bandaging, embrocations, massages, injections  and drug treatments, have been used in a attempt to promote better circulation and blood supply to the tissue. This can now be achieved, entirely without side effects, by the application of deep- penetrating, alternating magnetic fields.

2. Magnetic Field Therapy is one of the oldest forms of a natural healing process, whose main effect is to activate the body's own defensive forces, to improve cellular metabolism, and to increase the intake of oxygen by the tissue.

3. Application of magnetic fields improves the blood circulation by causing the blood vessels to dilate. Moreover, oxygen content in the blood is enriched. It has been discovered that the blood of rheumatic  patients contains increased amounts of cortisone produced by their own bodies after treatment with magnetic fields.

4. Detoxification of the affected area is promoted by improved cellular metabolism and increased intake of oxygen by the tissue.

These facts, which are confirmed by scientific research data from around the world, explain why such excellent results from this treatment are possible.