The use for magnetic therapy  has many medical applications, and has proven to be one of the most effective means in alternative medicine.

Magnetic therapy devices are now being used to eliminate pain, facilitate the healing of broken bones, and counter the effects of stress. Magnetic therapy can be used in both diagnosing and treating physical and emotional disorders.

One of the most popular and effective magnetic therapy devices is the BIO MEDICI that was developed by Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig, Sc.D., Ph.D. Director of the Institute for Biophysics in Germany. According to Dr. Ludwig: Magnetic therapy is a method that penetrates the whole human body and can treat every organ without chemical side effects.

Dr. Ludwig suggests that magnetic therapy can be used to counter the effects caused by the electromagnetic pollution in the environment.

Treatments with magnetic therapy can be applied from just a few minutes (depending upon the situation and severity) up to several times a day. See Operating Instruction.

Sometimes, though, the results of magnetic therapy can be quite dramatic, as in a case cited by Dr. Ludwig. A forty-six-year-old man had suffered for years from severe heart flutter, diarrhoea and nausea. No treatment seemed to help, but when the Bio Medici magnetic therapy device was placed upon his solar plexus for only three minutes, his symptoms immediately ceased. Two years later, he had experienced no relapse! See more Testimonials.

After a treatment with pulsed magnetic therapy, the circulation in the skin undergoes a significant change. The thermograms depicted here demonstrate the temperature reaction of a hand exposed to magnetic therapy.

In the search for a “Universal Cure-All”, none fits the description nearly as well as Magnetic Therapy

Researchers have stated magnetic therapy rebalances altered metabolic functions that cause pain; oedema (tissue swelling); excess acid in the tissues; and lack of oxygen in the cells, thereby initiating tissue healing and pain relief.
Joint mobility increases and muscles become more flexible. Digestion and bowel movement improve, prostate shrink and kidneys eliminate body wastes more effectively. Mental function increases, energy levels go up and sleep is better.

Tests have shown that organisms treated with special magnetic fields or magnetic therapy live longer because it potentiates the body's free radical scavenger and antioxidant system.

Magnetic therapy is reported to be valuable in counteracting degenerative processes causing circulatory diseases, arthritis and autoimmune illness, as well as neuro-degenerative and allergic afflictions.

Treatment of discomfort from strains and arthritis with low-frequency pulsating magnetic fields created by the small BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device may be as effective as larger ultrasound units.

Nighttime magnetic therapy has a calming and sleep-inducing effect on the brain and the body due to stimulating production of the hormone melatonin. (For a magnetic therapy over night application place the Bio Medici magnetic therapy device under the pillow or above the Solar Plexus).
Melatonin is anti-stressful, anti-aging and anti-infectious.
Magnetic Therapy may often be used as a first line of treatment for pain and to promote healing.

The University Hospital in Vienna (Austria) specializing in Rheumatology has performed studies, which yielded some fantastic results. It has been discovered that the blood of rheumatic patients contained increased amounts of cortisone produced by their own bodies after they had been treated with magnetic therapy. Natural cortisone has a pain-relieving effect. Synthetic cortisone is regarded as one of the most effective weapons in the drug treatment of rheumatism, but there are some serious and undesirable side effects associated with it.
Magnetic Therapy triggers cortison production