Magnetic Therapy for Pets

Magnetic therapy is not only for humans

Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany, the father of magnetic therapy, worked on his new magnetic therapy project 30 years ago but he did not have pets in mind. All his studies and trials where targeted at humans only. These days magnetic therapy is not reserved for humans only.
Magnetic therapy is also used successfully for race horses to cure injured ligaments and joints. The therapy gained popularity among dog owners. When the magnetic therapy pulser is placed over the injured area different action occurs. The blood flow increases, and with it the amount of oxygen and nutrients are carried to the cells for repair.

When we share our life with pets the relationship can last many years. During that time our pets share the same medical conditions as we do: arthritis, joint difficulties, kidney disease and more, mounting to extensive veterinary bills especially if the pets get older. Conventional medication is not always successful and can sometimes have catastrophic side effects.
Magnetic therapy for pets is an alternative method used increasingly more and more by pet owners to eliminate expensive veterinary fees. The BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulsator is the perfect tool for this purpose, battery operated and conveniently small it can be attached to the pet's area of treatment. This will be achieved by the carrying tube, which can be wrapped around the neck for a treatment of the head/ neck and shoulder area.

Magnetic therapy for pets has shown to be a safe and inexpensive method of managing many health issues facing a pet owner. Magnetic therapy can also be applied in combination with medication. When used in combination with magnetic therapy the amount of medication can be reduced up to 50%. Thousands of pet owners have experienced positive changes within a week.

Magnetic therapy for pets is especially beneficial for inflammatory processes in elbow joints and knees, as well as for arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs. It also speeds up the healing process of fractures and treats sprains and strains. The following story describes how magnetic therapy for pets can work.

Magnetic therapy for pets