Neck Wraps

Here is a review of the most common neck wraps and a very special neck wrap with pulsating magnetic field
The Neck wrap with Lavender Scent

This neck wrap relaxes the shoulder muscles while watching TV or traveling. The neck wrap is enriched with a lavender scent like in a day-spa. The filling of the neck wrap is designed to support your head and neck properly while traveling by car, train or airplane.

The Contour Twist Neck Rap
Like no other neck wrap, this one can be shaped around the neck. The articulating linkages built in along the inner neck wrap with surrounding poly foam are holding any bent position for perfect comfort.
Neck wrap with massage function

The new massage neck wrap has a unique ability to custom shape around your neck and to target muscle groups with a vibrating massage.
Attention: The electric vibration mechanism of the neck wrap emits uncontrolled magnetic fields (electromagnetic smog), which can have negative health effects.

The Hot/Cold Neck Wrap

This neck wrap has a dual purpose. The inflammation in the neck muscles should be treated with a chilled neck wrap first. After the inflammation is alleviated the hot treatment should be applied. The neck wrap can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer. It stays hot or cold for up to 20 minutes.

The Organic Thermal Cherry Stone Neck Wrap

The cherry stone neck wrap is a neck pillow filled with cherry stones. Heat it in the Microwave or cool it in the freezer. The neck wrap is machine washable. It is filled with 2 lbs. of heat absorbing cherry stones. This neck wrap can be use for backaches, headaches, stomach cramps, cold feet and puffy eyes.

This Neck Wrap provides moist heat for the neck

We often forget how wonderful it can feel to wrap a hot and moist towel around aching muscles or joints. The feature of this neck wrap is to deliver moist heat direct to the tissue for relaxation of neck muscles.

Contour Neck Wrap

Pillows made out of memory foam are used since many years. The new and popular neck wrap is made out of memory foam also but it has a microwavable heat pack insert which can be frozen and used as an ice pack.
Attention: The contour neck wrap contains memory foam which may emit an unhealthy chemical gas when used.

The BIO MEDICI Neck Wrap

Many different neck wrap styles are in use, some of them are designed to relieve neck pain while others are only thought to support the neck properly during sleeping or sitting. Some neck wraps are designed to bring heat or cold to the neck but are not sufficient enough to heal e.g., an injured area after an accident. The same is true for neck wraps combined with medical magnets. A neck wrap containing medical magnets, does not have the same stimulating potency as the magnetic pulsator.
Fortunately, the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser includes, (additionally to its 60 application possibilities), also the treatment option for neck issues. When the neck is treated with the magnetic pulsator neck wrap a series of beneficial actions are set in motion. The magnetic impulses are penetrating deep into the neck and shoulder muscles, ligaments and bones promoting the desired healing effect. Please see: How magnetic therapy works.

How can I use the magnetic pulser as a Neck Wrap?

With the magnetic pulser comes a flexible application tube. Switch on the magnetic pulser (switch 3+6+8) and insert it into its application tube. Tie the "neck wrap" around your neck but make sure that the magnetic pulser is placed correctly over the neck area to achieve the maximum benefits from the pulsating magnetic field. The pulsating magnetic field has a treatment distance of up to 1 foot (30 cm) but is more effective if it is as close as possible to the hurting neck and shoulder area.