Q: What is the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser?

A: The BIO MEDICI is a personal, wearable Magnetic Pulser designed by world-renowned physicist and magnetic therapy inventor Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig of Germany.
The Magnetic Pulser can be adjusted for dozens of conditions and it may be worn for extended time periods to restore the body's natural bio-magnetic energies and rhythms. The white switches are set in an ON or Off position in various combinations according to a therapy chart.

Q: What is modern Magnetic Field Therapy?

A: It is an alternative treatment method, which can even be used to treat serious illnesses with sometimes-unbelievable therapeutic success - this has been proven in international medical and scientific studies
Magnetic Field Therapy is actually one of the oldest treatment methods around, and it is based on physical principles. It obeys physical laws, which trigger biochemical processes in living organisms (human beings, animals, plants), and these processes in turn exert an effect on the healing process.

Q: Does the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser have any side effects?

A: No, unlike in the case of chemical products, this therapy, which is in harmony with nature and with human and animal organisms, does not produce harmful side effects. That is the reason why the therapy is also described as a gentle aid in treating many health problems.

Q: If medication and drugs, whether chemical or natural products, have to be taken, is that compatible with simultaneously treating oneself with Magnetic Field Therapy?

A: What you have described is referred to as combined therapy. Many doctors and therapists no longer reject such a combination of treatments. It has repeatedly been found that drugs are more effective when taken during a course of Magnetic Field Therapy. This was very impressively shown to be true when pain-killing tablets were taken in combination with Magnetic Field Therapy. Whereas previously patient had to take 2 or 3 tablets, just one tablet was sufficient during the combination therapy. This was possible to reduce the dose or to achieve a more rapid and intensive effect with the same dose. However, it was also found that, no matter in what form they were taken, the effectiveness of naturopathic medications was enormously increased - up to 50% according to research reports.

In case of chemical drugs, harmful substances are more rapidly excreted from the body. This in turn has the advantage of lowering the chemical stress on the body and harmful side effects can be reduced. The combined therapy in particular therefore offers major benefits to sufferers.

Q: What is the fundamental principle behind the Magnetic Field Therapy of the BIO Medici Magnetic Pulser?

A: Put briefly and simply, the principle is to apply appropriate stimulation and thereby to help the body heal itself. It is not just the symptoms, such as pain and other complaints, but the very source of these problems, the illness itself that is alleviated or eliminated by the therapy. The bio magnetic pulses activate the cellular metabolism; at the same time, the cells are supplied with more oxygen. This in turn is necessary to achieve improved blood flow throughout the entire body and the organism is supplied with more energy, so that the self-healing forces of the body are stimulated and the body's own biological signals are reinforced. The immune system is activated and strengthened. In this way, the psyche, spirit and body of the person are all simultaneously regenerated.

Q: Should the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser also be used when one has no pain, health complaints or an illness?

A: Yes, because “prevention is better than cure”. Magnetic Therapy is especially valuable and its use is highly recommended also for preventive purposes. It has long been shown by scientific studies that when the body is treated with the magnetic pulses, which it receives from the treatment device, the body functions are improved and as a result the organism is normalized, regenerated and rejuvenated. The immune system is also adequately stimulated and enhanced. Therefore, and especially for this reason, you should use Magnetic Therapy as a preventive treatment method, because one can and should act to prevent pain and health problems. But even when critical health situations suddenly arise, you will find tha the small outlay necessary to own a BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser may be one of the best investments you make in your life and is worth far more than the original costs.

Q: What was needed to produce such a therapeutic device as the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser?

A: New technologies, years of scientific study and research using large stationary magnetic field therapy devices in clinics and hospitals made it possible in the mid-eighties for the well known scientist Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig of Germany, who had also worked for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), to play a leading role in developing the first and most up-to-date mini-device anywhere in the world - this device was the forerunner of the BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device available today.

Q: What are the main advantages of Magnetic Field Therapy with the BIO MEDICI?

A: Imagine a small treatment device, which can do all of the following:

· Eliminate pain
· Eliminate insomnia
· Provide relief in the case of chronic joint diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoporosis and even stop the disease process
· Cure inflammation
· Alleviate neurological diseases
· Stimulate the self-healing and regenerative forces of the body
· Have a rejuvenating effect
· Support the immune system
· Help you treat many other health problems

Q: Why has my doctor so far not offered me this treatment?

A: Unfortunately, most therapists know this treatment only by name. It is therefore not surprising if this therapy is wrongly judged and its potential is underestimated.
Doctors regard it as an alternative treatment method. That is one of the reasons why it is not recommended. But also, the bureaucracy surrounding health care in the industrialized countries of the western world makes things difficult that is not produced by the powerful pharmaceutical industry. See also statements of physicians.

Q: Where can I obtain more information and read more about the subject and the device?

A: In the following, you can read a selection taken from a large number of interesting reports obtained from users of the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser.
They will also show you how much suffering many of these users had to endure before they discovered the BIO MEDICI. Although a large number of international medical and scientific studies have already been published on the success of Magnetic Field Therapy, new knowledge showing the way to proceed is being added each year. You may already have read about the incredible successes that have been achieved especially in treating chronic and hopeless cases - these have sometimes been the subjects of headlines in newspapers.
At any rate, in the field of naturopathy this therapy is referred to as a universal treatment method and is used as such.
Magnetic Therapy or the application of Magnetic Fields for Therapeutic Medical use is also known under the keywords: Magnetic Field Therapy, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy, Extremely Low Frequencies Fields (ELF-Fields), Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields, Magnetic Field Generator and also Magnetotherapy.