Richard Leviton (Healing with Nature): Magnetic Therapy in Japan and elsewhere in parts of Europe and Asia have become a kind of folk medicine, a reliable form of self-care".

Dr. Louis Donnet MD: "Besides being easy to use, efficient and inexpensive, magnetic therapy offers a total guarantee of safety".

Dr. Kenneth S. McLean: "This magnetic treatment is a godsend. It's good for almost anything".

Dr. Robert Becker MD: "I believe that the discovery of magnetic fields and the effect they have on living organisms will prove to be the most significant discovery of this century".

Dr. J. Baron : "This is a revolution for the treatment of muscle injuries, joint pain and posture problems. We have treated 4000 patients with whiplash injuries and cured 80%".

Dr. Ulrich Warnke MD : "Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles".

Dr. Madeline F. Barnothy: "The application of a magnetic field will develop into a powerful new analytic and therapeutic tool of medicine".

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Health Professional Statements about Magnetic Therapy 

Dr. Neville S. Benagali MD: "The astounding results obtained through magnetic energy therapy gives it a place of considerable importance in the field of therapeutics".

Dr. Ralph U. Sierrra: "We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and it's applications - a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature herself".

Dr. Ken Wianko, MD: "Magneto therapy helps the body to regain it's self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally...Cell regulation, tissue function and life, are controlled by electromagnetic currents!"