A more advanced method to treat a stiff neck
How does a stiff neck respond to a magnetic therapy treatment session?
The oldest form to treat a stiff neck
One of the oldest forms of treatment for a stiff neck is applying heat, in various forms: A hot shower onto the neck for mild cases, or an infrared treatment including neck massage to ease the tension.

If you get a stiff in the neck without the common causes mentioned, a  person could be suffering from a more serious problem, which should be diagnosed by a health professional. For more persistent neck problems we recommend pulsed magnetic therapy. If you are the owner of a Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser you have the possibility to use the device with a very special neck wrap. Adjust the switches to the indicated treatment program, insert the Magnetic Pulser in its carrying tube and wrap the device around the neck.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy has shown that it can eliminate energy blockages responsible for many health problems. The pulsating magnetic field of the device increases the blood flow to the area of pain, thereby relaxing the tense neck muscles and reducing the inflammation.

What requires an immediate treatment of a stiff neck?

The source of a stiff neck is not always caused by muscle strain but a person should be alarmed if the symptoms of a stiff neck are accompanied by a headache, fever, chills, vometing and an inability to tolerate light or loud noises. This combination of symptoms could be a sign that you have meningitis. The treatment of meningitis should start immediately because it can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, meningitis is not always detected in time.

What else requires an immediate treatment
when experiencing a stiff neck?

The symptoms of a stiff neck along with flue like symptoms could be the first warning signs of a spinal cord tumor growth. Do not delay a diagnosis by a doctor's followed by the proper treatment as soon as possible.