I too belong to the enthusiastic crowd of clients who have read your interview in the newspaper. My self help treatment was so successful that I would like to share it with you. Here is my report: I suffered from pain in the joints  for over 10 years. The worst pain was in my hands , the knees and hips , the shoulders and also in my back . To alleviate the pain I had to take so many pills, that it eventually affected my stomach and I could no longer tolerate even regular food. I had to take two kinds of stomach pills and was at the point where I no longer could eat fruit and vegetables. However, since I applied the Bio Medici magnetic pulser, I am, once again, able to eat everything. I am so happy that I have eaten meanwhile all of my home made marmalade of last year. It tasted marvelous. And, after a few weeks, pain in the joints had considerably subsided.
Therefore, I would like to order an additional magnetic pulser for my daughter who is also aware of its capability. And I would love to convince others of the remarkable healing powers of the Bio Medici and his powerful magnetic stimulation.
With kindest regards,
K. Kowalski

We bought our Bio Medici magnetic pulser in July, for my unbearable back pain which used to plague me day and night, and also the pain which occasionally appeared in the form of a neck/arm syndrome - all these pains have disappeared after I had been wearing the magnetic pulser for a few days. I stopped taking painkillers. I have no more sleepless nights. My blood pressure has turned out to be what can be considered normal values at my age (67) after 20 years of suffering from high blood pressure . And there is something else good to report: I have a full head of growing hair again! As I said, so much success, in such a short time! My husband also owns a Bio Medici magnetic pulser, and it has completely cured his back and knee pains. For 10 years he suffered from ulcerative colitis and then, after using the special setting, his problem was brought under control within a week. Since that time he has had no further complaints! Now, we treat our self to remain healthy, and we are happy and content. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for developing this wonderful device, and we will warmly recommend its use to others.
Your grateful customers,
Siegfried and Annerose F. 

It has been so long since I have owned one of your miracle devices, and I have gathered a lot of experince. Now I know that the Bio Medici magnetic pulser is indispensable!
What led me to buy one was a terrible ear infection so severe, I spent nights awake in excrutiating pain. Cortisone ear drops did not help for a week but the magnetic pulser did it in only one day.
Later through the years it was successfully used for 'chronic strep throats', migraine, indigestion, tooth pain, nerve inflammations and much more! I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful magnetic pulser, it is something I can rely on.
Alice M.

In reference to your interview in the newspaper, I would like to tell you about my experiences with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser.
Seven years ago, when I was 70 years old, I began using the Bio Medici for the first time.
I had noticed the first indications of a painful disfiguration of the joints in my fingers. My attending physician diagnosed it as "old age symptoms" and suggested that I learn to live with it. I did not, however, agree with this at all. I am by profession an artist (painter) and my hands are, so to speak, "my capital". But I figured, if it doesn't help, at least it won't do me any harm and promptly ordered a Bio Medici magnetic pulser, based on an ad in the newspaper. Well, what shall I say to make a long story short: The magnetic pulser helped tremendously. After only two weeks of application, the pain and the swelling of the joints in my knuckles were gone. But that is not all: I also apply the extremely low frequency generator daily to strengthen the
immune system and have not had a cold since.
Through prevention of the "old age symptoms" I am physically and mentally fit and my memories, despite my age, outstanding. Friends and acquaintances, who have not seen me for a long time, ask me: How do you do it ? "You do not change at all". They refuse to believe that I do not color my hair as it grew back in its natural color, dark-blonde. This makes the Bio Medici magnetic pulser also a "fountain of youth".
O. H.

I am writing today to let you know how well things are going for me and also to thank you. I feel like a new person. The treatment with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser has done me a world of good. There has been great improvements in for all of my health problems. I am sleeping better and my general physical condition is now extremely good. It is amazing that such a small device can be of such great help!
Yours faithfully,

After three weeks of treatment with the magnetic pulser, I was able to walk again. Given my severe joint ailments, I had been facing a choice between life in a wheel chair or having artificial knee joints fitted. I was at he end of the line. When I think back, I wonder what would have become of me today without the magnetic pulser. It is almost unbelievable what this tiny device can do. At any rate, I would recommend everybody to try a Bio Medici.
In gratitude,
Yours truly Martin Z.

I call it the perfect "back pain electronic pain killer"

Your Bio Medici was my last hope! I am now able to tell you that after just eight weeks of treatment using the magnetic pulser, my terrible back pains have completely disappeared.
I am able to work again. I sleep well, I am active once again and I feel healthy.
Thank you with all my heart,
Gertrude M.

Fascinating Stories

Hello Friends
I call you Friends because I am so happy that I have found you on the Internet, after I wrote in the word "Bio Medici".

I was looking for a place where my friend could buy one, since the couple who where distributors in the Toronto area gave up selling them.
Just tonight I send them an email, hoping they would tell me where I could still find the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. I wouldn't give up mine for ANY price, because it keeps me free of pain.

My experience with it goes back to 1998, when I had to lift my 77-year-old husband several times a day into his wheelchair and when I had to change his diapers, he was totally helpless. My back was just killing me, for I am just a 5' tall, 160 lb woman. I had a "pinched nerve" or sciatica nerve? Anyway, everyday it got injured more; I had no time to worry about myself.

By chance, I read about the Bio Medici magnetic pulser in my German newspaper from Chicago.
I ordered it right away and put all the switches on. Like a miracle, it started to ease my pains after a few hours and cured me in a few days. I kept it on day and night. In time I got rid of all arthritis pain in my shoulders, arms and knees. I bought than eleven magnetic pulser, for my family and friends.

On a trip to Germany in 2000, I could hardly move at all in my cramped seat on the plane. When I got off the plane, I felt strong pain in my leg, especially on the inside of my left knee. I found out, I had a blood clot, which caused terrible pain. I put thrombosis cream and other things on my knee, nothing helped. Although I brought my magnetic pulser with me, I was afraid to put it on. I was afraid, the blood clot would dissolve and I would end up with a stroke or heart attack.
After three weeks of pain, I didn't care anymore, so at bedtime I tied the magnetic pulser around my knee, slept the whole night through.
The morning all my pain had disappeared, -and I didn't get a stroke or heart attack.
My sisters and brothers were so surprised.

My oldest sister, who was suffering from backaches for years and had a hard time sleeping because of heart trouble, finally took out the magnetic pulser that I had send and tucked in her panties. Twice it fell into the Toilette, but kept on working.
After she "cured" her chronic backache, she started putting it on her heart, to ease her sleeping. She still does it to this day. She feels, if she would not have the magnetic pulser, she would already be dead.
She is the only one of my sisters and brothers who uses the magnetic pulser and has no more pain; the others don't believe in it and suffer in pain. Well, like the saying goes "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

I also put the mangetic pulser on my husband's heart; -he has heart problems and diabetes. He told me, he felt relief with his breathing problems when he wore the magnetic pulser.

Can you blame me that I would never give up my Bio Medici? Although my Doctor doesn't believe it works, I know better.

Sorry, I made this a long email, but I just wanted you to know how it has helped me. Now I can tell my friend about it where she can buy it, when I meet her for lunch Monday.

Another friend from Oakville, Ontario suffers terrible back pains, even though he received acupuncture in January. I want to tell him about the magnetic pulser.
I hope the cause of his pain is not something serious, like in the case of my brother-in-law; he had bladder cancer and lived only for seven months after he was diagnosed.

A happy E. Heininger

Hi, my name is Krys. A few years ago I bought a Bio Medici pain therapy device to see if it would help with my advanced lyme disease. I’ve had lyme disease for approximately 10 years and went undiagnosed for about half that time.
I placed the magnetic pain therapy device under our pillows at night, halfway between mine and my husbands. I noticed he slept better (less snoring) and woke up in a very good mood for the day. I gave the Bio Medici to my son when he hurt himself in a ballgame and could hardly move his shoulder without wincing in pain. By morning he was fine. But the greatest help I have found with the little machine is when we went on holidays.
We left the Sault and drove to Toronto then into the States south of New York. Because of the lyme disease, traveling tends to break my health and after several hours of driving I became very sick with a head cold and flu like symptoms. The cold was so bad I didn’t breathe through my nose for 3 days. I guess the lack of lots of oxygen set off an angina attack, but a bad one. I remember not being able to walk into the motel with my husband – the chest pain was too bad. I took my nitroglycerin but it didn’t touch the pain – then thought what do I have to lose – it was going to cost hundreds just to go to the hospital as an outpatient, never mind be treated and brought into the hospital. I put the pain therapy device on my chest, all points on and kept it on for the night. This was the worst attack I had ever had and knew a week in the hospital of rest, then probably 3 months of a weakened condition were what I had to look forward to. This was definitely going to spoil our holidays.
Instead the next morning, pain free I joined my husband and we went to church. I had a long way to walk with no trouble. I wore the Bio Medici all day and for the next week on full tilt. That afternoon after lunch – I again felt pain, just a little, but knew to take it easy. I rested the rest of the day.The rest of the time we shopped, looked around, site seeing, and enjoyed our vacation without problems.
I have had two similar bouts with angina in the last few years and again was able to control things and get over any problems. This time I didn’t bother with the nitro – the magnetic pain therapy device did the job.
We just moved from Ontario to BC – 6 days on the road, I drove l/2 the way through mountains, snow, storms, etc. I wore my Bio Medici and my heart did not act up at all. When I arrived, and we unpacked I worked hard lifting, moving, sorting etc. It feels like the magnetic pain therapy device makes me about 5 times stronger than normal. When something happens and I need to walk a fair distance, go upstairs, or have a long day – I wear it and have no problems. Without it, I can hardly make the stairs at home once without resting and certainly cannot carry heavy things or walk more than a block without chest pain.
I believe my little Bio Medici has saved my life not once but three times – I am so thankful for it – and pray it will help others out there with the same problem. My heart problems are as a result of the lyme disease and the bacteria has damaged it. So I live with that fact. But, I do so well, thank you makers of the Bio Medici!!!
Krys, BC

Lyme Disease and Angina:
I believe my little Bio Medici has saved my life not once but three times!

Nymphal and adult deer ticks can be carriers of Lyme disease. Nymphs are about the size of a poppy seed.
Lyme disease is named after the town of Lyme, Connecticut, USA, where a number of cases were identified in 1975. Willy Burgdorfer uncovered 1981 the mystery of the disease.

Shortly after a tick bites, an antibiotic substance should be injected to kill the bacterium and to avoid meningitis. Read the amazing story of Mrs. Krys when she lived 10 years with undiagnosed meningitis and what kind of treatment helped her.