Why do we need Magnetic Therapy?

Live on earth developed under the influence of the earth's magnetic field. It logically follows that magnetism and the interference with the body's electromagnetic activity play such a major role in health and in disease.

Human beings cannot exist in an ambience without magnetic fields. Numerous tests all over the world have shown, that if the natural earth magnetic field is removed from persons, animals or plants, they contract a number of diseases, and they eventually die.

Astronauts have built-in magnetic field equipment - similar to magnetic therapy devices - in their space cabins to create the same magnetic conditions as those on the earth, because there are no magnetic fields in outer space.

Lack of magnetism, as outlined by Dr. Nakagowa in his classic paper “Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome”, may cause stress, mental disorders, headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, allergies, insomnia, inflammation, circulatory problems, bowel disorders, and many other degenerative problems afflicting people today.